Sunday, June 25, 2017

Demo Part I

 Let the fun begin! The giant dumpster and materials arrived on Monday,  June 5th.  We have been waiting for so long we were excited to finally see some action. 

 We began to start thinking of things we could put into the dumpster.  A chance to get rid of random junk! 

 All this wood is going into our house.  Where? How? Who cares? We were excited. And look at those long beautiful beams! 

June 7, official demo day.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to be there for the first sledge hammer hit.  Work started early in the morning.  We showed up around 4pm and couldn't believe our eyes.  In just a few hours, walls had come down and framing had been put up! 

Master Bathroom
This is Brian standing awkwardly in the master bath before demo was completed.

And now, Brian has disappeared!

It looks like our house was robbed, but we paid people to do this to our bathroom.

One day later...
This is the master bathroom beyond the wall.

We found an interesting shade of pink, eek! 

You are staring at the master bath throne room.  Take it all in!

They still hadn't taken out the original throne yet.  On the left window will be the new shower.

Playroom/ Guest Suite
This is the play room and the door to the new guest room and guest bath room, prior to demo.

We decided to add a third bathroom in the guest room, making it now a guest suite.  Sounds fancy, right? The Mueller Motel will open for business soon! 

The new guest bathroom is the other side of the wall and beyond that wall is the master bath. 
It's interesting seeing through all of the walls.

Here is the playroom again that will have an additional closet.  Where I'm standing, that will be a door to the guest suite. Nice pose right? 

The play room! It will have pocket doors  that will lead into the room. 

Closet/ Girls' Bathroom 

This is a closet that is getting the door moved. It was random huge closet.  We decided to make it smaller allowing for the girls to have a bigger bathroom. 

This is the girls' bathroom.  We will be giving them double sinks.  Which somehow is already needed at age 4 and 2.  Lord help us during the teen years!! 

Kitchen/ Living/ Dinning Room
The kitchen with the wall opened up.

The dining room with the wall opened up. New beams installed and walls gone!  So much more spacious and open!

Brian in the kitchen.  I don't know why he's just standing there? This is the view coming in from the back door.  Will he be there regularly cooking for us? 

Here is a look at the random things found during a remodel. 

They took out the appliances during the demo and put them in the garage for us.  We are putting in new appliances. We were pretty proud of ourselves. We picked out everything in one day. Thanks to Buela for watching the girls.  Little did we know that appliances was the quickest and easiest thing to pick out. 

 All the items from the bathrooms. Out with the old and so pumped to put in the new. 

All the lumber ready to go in the house. So thankful for this covered space to store our lumber! 

We honestly couldn't believe how much work was done in such little time.  We are learning so much that goes into a house.  We will never look at a house the same! Stay tuned for more updates. 

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