Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's growing!

Thanks to Pinterest and Little Baby Garvin's Blog for the idea.  I started taking my monthly "belly" pictures.  Although, I don't really see the adorable baby bump.  I see the let's watch Jeanette get bigger. I'm really looking forward to the real bump.

We started taking them at 12 weeks.  This was around the time we told the world, aka Facebook, so it got me excited to begin taking pictures. Yes, these are maternity jeans.  The ability to wear my regular jeans disappeared quickly! That happens when you spend 3 months traveling to Texas and indulging on delicious Mexican food, BBQ food, and drinking at almost every gathering.  Then going on vacation where you don't even think about what you are eating.  Finally, when you think you're back to being on a find out your pregnant! Life happened and we skipped week 13.

Officially the second trimester has begun.  I have to admit, I was not a happy camper about taking the photo. At this point I really felt my body changing.  Not that I was ever thin, but I felt HUGE and didn't have an adorable baby bump.  Oh, and I have yet to see this glowing skin.  

15 weeks and still waiting for my glowing skin.  I feel like I have a little tiny bump, but most must think I have just been drinking a lot of beer.  So far this experience has been a roller coaster of emotions.  I'm excited for our new adventure.  Annoyed at my body changes.  Nervous and worried about our baby.  Is he/she okay?  Everything normal in there?  But I guess worrying will never end, right Mom?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

And then there were four...

Well folks, after 6 years of marriage, Brian and I are happy to announce that we are having a baby! We are filled with so many emotions.  We are nervous and excited toward our new adventure.   We had made the decision to start a family, but when finding out, it still came as a surprise to us.

We had taken a wonderful wedding anniversary trip to San Francisco. After traveling the past few months to Texas, it was nice to take a vacation just for us!

After coming back home, I was feeling like something was weird, something just felt different.  I had trouble sleeping, something I NEVER have problems with.  Then one morning after Brian left for work, Maui laid on my belly and just looked at me.  Some would think I was crazy but I thought..."Does she know something?" So I decided to take a test and....


I was in total shock.  I immediately called Brian and invited him to lunch.  During our lunch I very casually said, "Look what I did today!" I showed him my phone. He replied with, "Did you get that off the internet?" I quickly responded, "NO! I took this!!" Then he smiled and looked so happy.  

After the longest 4 weeks of my life we were able to see the doctor. 

I had estimated my due date, after going to the doctor it was official, March 17th!  Being able to see our baby was so exciting and reassuring.  We told our immediate family and close friends.  We weren't quite ready to tell the world just yet.

During the next couple weeks I was asked how I was feeling.  First trimester was not fun.  Sleeping through the night is a thing of the past. I guess this is how it will be for the next couple years.  I wake up to go to the bathroom throughout the night. Therefore, my afternoon naps felt like heaven.  I would come home from work and sleep for about three hours.  Once nine o'clock came around, I was ready for bed again.  I had morning sickness, but mine was in the evening.  I had to begin eating frequent small meals.  For those that know me, know I love food! Eating little meals was a big adjustment for me.  "The girls," well let's just say that jumping around during zumba was painful.  By the time I had reached the end of the first trimester I began feeling better. My three hour naps have now turned into about thirty minute naps.  I no longer have morning sickness.

Waiting another 4 weeks felt like eternity, again!
It was a great feeling to see a more human like baby! Heartbeat was 165 and measuring almost 3 inches! We actually got to see it move.  It had its little arms up and it was wiggling them up and down!!

For those that are beginning to question.  Yes, the life jacket in the picture is blue, but no, we don't know what we are having yet.  Boy or girl...we shall wait and see!!