Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hurricane Maui

Ahhhh, she looks sooo cute with her little friend!! Sadly, Hurricane Maui has struck a few times these past few weeks. I knew this move would be hard on me but I didn't think it would affect Maui as well. My "child" is acting out because her mother is a single working mom and can't spend as much time with her.

Yes, this may sound funny but I really think it's true!!!! Stop giggling...really!! I discussed my concerns with the vet today. She was up for all her annual shots. I mentioned my concerns about her behavior. Like how I came home one day to find her kiddy pool in a million pieces all over the backyard. She tore open a bag of charcoal at Jorge's house and made a huge mess! Sweat little Maui wasn't being so sweet. She discussed the following with me:

"Maui was in her pack which consisted of you and your husband. A member of her pack is gone and it will take her awhile to adjust to her new pack of just you and her. Even having him come back to visit, she will have to adjust to the new pack AGAIN. Routine is very important. You are doing a great job with her daily walks and playing Frisbee with her, but she needs more! Labs are very intelligent dogs. They are a hunting breed and love to use their nose. She needs to be challenged..."

So apparently my dog is acting out because she's bored and needs to not only be played with but her intelligence needs to be stimulated and challenged! OMG! Really Doc?

Today, we got some dove feathers in a sock, we played hide-and-seek!! She did GREAT!! I would have her sit and wait while I hid the feathers. Then she would have to go find it and bring it to me.

Wow, this sure is a lot of work for this single mother! And this is ONLY A DOG!!!