Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To be in college again...

November 6, 2010 was not only the day the Aggies beat OU, but a day that great friends were reunited. The girls decided to take a road trip to College Station and try relive our college days. First thing was first, getting decked out in our Aggie gear. Arseli wanted to put our married names on the back of Aggie shirts. I think deep down we thought it was too much but in the end we thought, "yea, we're cool with our awesome personalized shirts!"
Next thing we had to do was go, where else, The Dixie Chicken. Everyone was very impressed on our amazing shirts. Arseli did a great job!
We had many shenanigans happen that night. By the way, if you have friends stay with you, make sure they write down the address of where you are. If you not, they end up sleeping on juice boxes at a gas station!

We might not be able to hang as long like the good ol' days, but we can laugh and have fun like the good ol' days! In the end we realized just how easy life was in College and never knew it. I'm sure we'll look back when we're in our thirties and think we had it easy in our twenties. No kids, traveling, money to go out and have fun! Whatever the case may be I feel truly blessed to have these amazing friends!!!