Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Unexpected Fixer Upper

After a year of living in Houston and learning the lay of the land, we finally purchased our first home!   

This will be our 6th home and 3rd purchased house, and will probably not be our last.  We spent a few months looking around for a home.  Living "in the loop" (or close to it) we have come to find out is very different from purchasing any of our other homes.  You either 1) buy big, 2) buy land and build new, or  3) buy old and renovate.  We choose to buy old and renovate.  This will be our first experience with remodeling a home.  We are very excited and nervous.   My goal is keep up with the blog and show our progress. 

What made us buy this house?  Honestly, the lot is amazing.  It's over 16,000 square feet!  The girls and Maui will have so much room to play.  Wait, let's add Brian into that mix.  The trampoline has already been purchased.  Are you surprised?  I'm not! 

When we first looked at the house we initially were just thinking of updating the kitchen and master bathroom.  After looking around, we realized we want to do so much more.  We are basically taking down walls to update the layout, updating kitchen and bathrooms, adding new flooring, and adding a new guest bathroom.  One day, we'll update the backyard too.  

We contacted a contractor who, so far, has been great to work with! She has been great at gathering the team of experts to help design our newest home. 

These are our the preliminary plans.  Our biggest challenge, thus far, has been the master bathroom.  Who knew the master bathroom could have so many possibilities? Plan A didn't work, so we went for another plan. 
 I love that everyone thinks I should have my own 10ft counter space! 

This is our current master bathroom that will be completely gutted and redone!! 

In hopes to save time and money while we wait for permits we have started doing some demo work. 
This house was filled with TONS of track lighting.  Almost every room in the house had extra lighting.  Brian has begun taking it all down.  I started removing the laminate floors, only to discover   old linoleum floors covering the entire house.  Don't worry guys, we have been wearing masks! But this is a big demo, which we will leave mostly to the pros. 

As this is the first post, here are a few obligatory 'BEFORE' pictures...

Office (future dining room)

Entry (can't wait to see those walls come down)

Kitchen (which will be a total gut job) 

 Living Room (soon to be opened up to kitchen)
*Are you noticing the insane amount of lighting?!?*

Game Room (future guest suite with bathroom)

Girls Bathroom (they will appreciate their own sinks and more counter space)

Our master bedroom view (we actually want to keep this)

 Hallway to the bedrooms (going to open this up a bit)

Teagan's Room (again with that lighting??)

Keira's Room