Saturday, January 16, 2016

Houston, we have a problem!

Hello All!

I apparently haven't blogged since I was pregnant with Teagan.  I know you are missing my stories. What can I say, we've been living the dream, with the frequent "I need a drink!" kind of days.

For you hustle and bustle people who don't have time to read a long post, here's the news and why I decided to blog again. We are moving! Yes, you read it right! We are moving to Houston, TEXAS!! So watch out Htown, the Muellers are coming back to Texas.

Ironically, Teagan picked this book (which was purchased in Houston) out of her extensive book collection for us to read. She can now read it all by herself.  Hearing her say "amadio" (armadillo) is pretty darn cute.

Okay, so if you are still reading this you must want the long version. Let's start from the beginning. I mean I haven't blogged in almost 3 years...

We came to Colorado so Brian could advance in his career. He was over the cubicle life and ready for an office. Since being here, he's done quite well. This included two promotions.  He had made friends, which helped the transition a little easier. There were high points and low points. Overall, he liked his job and was happy. 

As for my career in Colorado, I was just as lucky. I spent 2 years teaching here and truly loved every single second. I had the mountains in the background and arrived each day with a smile. It's here where I made my first Colorado friends.  My kinder partner/first grade/literacy team made work easier. My administrators and teammates loved and respected my ideas and it was amazing to teach how I wanted. I rarely felt stressed and LOVED my job. 

Personally, we felt like we were on vacation, with hiking and skiing adventures. There were so many things to explore in Colorado. 
I admit there were times we were sad. We missed our friends dearly. The family, well honestly we saw them pretty frequently with weddings and them coming visit. 

Our way of living was turned upside down, in a good way, with the arrival of our girls.  

After my maternity leave I made the decision for a new career path, stay at home mom. This job is no joke!! My bosses are moody, demanding, funny, and loving. It's during this time we came across more friends.  I joined a mom group and found some lifelong friends.  Honestly, they are the reason  I keep sane.  Playdates are as much for the adults as they are for the kids! They play and us mamas are able vent and talk to other adults.  

Then I came across a new group of mama friends, Stroller Strides! Being able to work out with my kiddos has been great! Many of these mamas have become my friends. 
So life is good in our little house with our new friends. 

We have been here since 2011, almost 5 years! As with anything, there are good times and those times that a couple bottles of wine are needed.  Brian found himself curious to see what was out there in his field.  Having kids makes you realize just how much you miss your family.  It's hard having to introduce family members every time they visit.  By the time they adjust to these "strangers" they have to leave again.  Honestly, Brian wasn't actively looking, just glancing around.  

One day an opportunity presented itself, in Houston!  The process was very long.  Didn't think it would ever happen, until it did.  A financial advisor position with a new company and potential for great opportunity. This wasn't easy.  We have a great life in Colorado, but there was always something missing.  After many family walks weighing the pros and cons we decided it was time for us to move again, back to Texas. We get excited at the thought of not having to shovel snow. I noticed the first two years here, there are a TON of snow pics.  Each year, less and less pictures.  Skiing adventures, ugh, the thought of driving in stand still traffic for hours for one day of skiing, with kids...we'll just stay home! Finally get to have to good BBQ and Mexican food.  We are looking forward to seeing our Texas friends and family more often! 

Here we are, the moving process will happen very quickly. Looks like the girls will be celebrating their March birthdays in Texas.  Brian will begin training (in Virginia) soon and I will be here with the kiddos.  I fortunately have some support coming, beyond thankful for our moms! Let the packing begin.  As for the goodbyes to our dear friends we've made, let's just not talk about that right now!

Stay tuned for future post, my blogging days have returned, for now!