Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness

Okay, so there is no real madness, besides my mind going nuts wondering when our little one will decide to make her appearance. While we are waiting we have been keeping ourselves busy.

Quality Time
I have read and been told by multiple people that I need to pamper myself before the baby arrives, check. I got my hair done, a pedicure, manicure, etc. Brian and I are taking advantage of our time alone.  We went out to a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, I really wanted their cheesecake. We walked around downtown Boulder for some shopping and enjoyed our time together.  We actually stopped at one of his client's shop and he gave us a present, baby pink moccasins.
I love them! While at his shop, he told us about our future daughter's birthstone, aquamarine.
 I honestly had never even thought about it.  It's such a beautiful stone!
We went to the movies. We spent some quality time with Maui in the snow. Our life is about to change forever and we can't wait!

I have heard about some women going nuts super cleaning and organizing.  That really hasn't been the case with me.  I think I go through mini 10 minute nesting spurts. I usually get a little burst of energy and then I get tired. The house is clean, thanks to the cleaning lady's help. I organized files on my computer because I know that baby photos will soon take over.  Did anyone notice the top of my blog? I changed the name to Jeanette, Brian, and Co!

Baby Prep
Now the baby room is officially ready! I made time before one of my appointments and stopped at Hobby Lobby and feel in love with this canvas.

After consulting with my shopping consultants, Stephanie and Lauren, they confirmed it would be a good buy.  The carseat is ready. I have to admit, it's a little strange riding around with a carseat in the back.

Officially on maternity leave now.  I will say it was very bittersweet.  It was hard to leave from something I feel very passionate about. I know that once the baby arrives, work will be the last thing on my mind.  For now, I didn't make a big deal about leaving because I didn't want to get emotional about it. A few of the kids would come by and gave me hugs, made me a little sad. For now, I get to relax and wait.

Doctor Appointments
I have had two appointments since my last entry and everything is going well.  Still no dilation or signs that labor is coming soon. Technically, she still has plenty of time, but everyday becomes more and more uncomfortable. Since I'm so close the doctor mentioned some things I could try.  Therefore I am drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea, yuck! I don't like teas, but I'll do it. My blood pressure was a little high again so she didn't wanting me walking too much.  I again had blood work done and had to do a 24 hour urine test to check for protein.  Grooooosss!! I'll find out the results tomorrow.  Here I am at 39 weeks, 3 days. Ugh, not my best photo, oh well!

How far along? 39weeks, 3 days

Maternity Clothes? Yes and some maternity shirts don't cover my belly...yikes!
Stretch Marks? Hips and little tiny ones at the bottom of my belly.
Sleep: I sleep about for about 3/4 hours, wake up for a bathroom break, and usually go back to sleep.
Miss Anything? being comfortable
Movement: stretching, I think she's running out of room in there!
Cravings: frozen veggies, I can eat an entire bag
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really
Have you started to show yet: yes, large and in charge :)
Gender: GIRL
Labor Signs: random cramping feeling
Belly Button in or out? A tiny little innie
Wedding rings on or off? classy Claire's rings
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy and tired

Looking forward to:  meeting our daughter!! 
Best Moment this Week: my family arriving!! 

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